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Sustainable Access

We work together with local leaders and land owners to engage communities in nature  conservation and a sustainable access for users. Our first approach is to create new opportunities of income so people can benefit from a healthy enviroment instead of exploiting their territory´s natural resources.

We develop rural community adventure tourism offer,  in order to generate new sources of income for locals. We focus in conserving and protecting biodiverse areas in Andean Region.

Development for Communities

Our organization reaches the community leaders to create a solid and resilient team. We work together and identify the opportunities where both can sum efforts and resources.

In the Andes, many territories and biodiverse zones have been  exploited because of rural main sources of income: livestock and agriculture. They barely make a living from small batches of milk, crops and livestock commerce.  Our goal is to help communities to outreach urban visitor and offer new options such as adventure tourism and hospitality services. Using this as a mechanism to diversify the local economy.

Conservation Efforts

One of our priorities is to protect the areas that we develop. We achieve this by teaching the outdoor enthusiasts and local communities how to reduce impact in the daily interaction with the land and its assets.

Together we face challeges as climate change, water and food supply and new sources of income for the local population. In order to mantain the balance it is imperative to educate leaders and the young generations to conserve the land and generate incomes from keeping the territories as they are: wild and diverse.


what is going on?

Zones and projects developed

Since our creation, our members  have been working mostly in the in the Ecuadorian Andes. Each one of them have made enormus self-management efforts to open new crags and develop more than 300 hundred rock climbing routes, 6 main touristic projects in 11 provinces along Ecuador.

Every project has 4 different stages of

1. Ensure fair access for users
2. Replace expired infrastructure
3. Develop new touristic / mountain sports routes.
4. Promote the destination and its activities.


Every project has a mid term goal: Create new sources of income for local communities


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On going projects

Join the Fund, together we can sustainably develop rural communities.



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