El Rodadero E35 – Climbing Park

El Rodadero E35 – Climbing Park

Private investment and project management

Infrastructure and equipment: $18.000 USD *
Enviromental and Social Development: $2.000 USD*
Annual Expected Income: $20.000 USD*
Expected Contribution: $2.000 USD*
* Values have been estimated using: community prices, visitors frecuency and expenses of bolting, transportation, and maintenance of routes, bungalows and trails.

Just 15 minutes away from Quito.

Located at only 15 minutes away from the capital city Quito, El Rodadero E35 is a modern climbing park that offers all the spectrum of levels for rock climbing routes. Privately owned, our organization has led the development of routes in this climbing park from 7 to 37 in 2 years.

Implementing in majority long lasting anchoring technologies for the sustainability of the climbing endeavours. El Rodadero E35 has been designed to host beginners, experienced and professional level climbers. Also it has been designed to provide basic infrastructure for guiding purposes.

Conservation and scheduled closings

This park had the amazing incident of hosting a birds nesting process (Phalcoboenus Carunculatus) in which two eggs were detected by climbers. Our organization managed a route closure program in which the species was left undisturbed for several months until the birds could fly out.  This was documented and communicated with success, an outstanding case of sustainability and conservation for local species.