21 Women from Cocha Colorada seek sustainable development through Organic Fibers

21 Women from Cocha Colorada seek sustainable development through Organic Fibers

This group of women are keeping the traditions alive and bringing extra money to the family income.

Mushuk Yuyay is the name of this collective. It means New Thoughts in Kichwa. Since the last year, this 21 women gathered together to bring alive a productive association. They help each other through small loans that came from there own deopsits to a a common fund. They call it “Solidarity Fund”.

Maria Hermelina Chimborazo, president of the group, told us how they collaborate with each other to solve problems and start small entreprenuerships like buying cows for milk or saling hand made wooden fabrics.

Innovating sheep wool processing can triple its price

during the first stage of this program, Karla Rodriguez from Kun Eco Fibers visit us  and explain the community how they can achieve better production,  better quality products and innovate in crafting techniques to create new products that are cost effective and market fit.

Education and new incomes for 21 families.

Fondo de Acceso Andino is launching the organic fiber workshops in Cocha Colorada. They have the goal to train the most talented artisans as trainners so they kept teaching to the community and their neighbors how to properly process organic fibers to guarantee a better and fair price.

The Mid Term Goal

In order to mantain the program in time is important to stablish outpouts and economic incentives. This is why not all the program will run inside the comunity. We are building a network of wool buyers, fair price markets and other actors of the textile industry in order to build a bussines model thats sustain a value chain from raw material to high end products.

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