Columnas de Tangán

Columnas de Tangán

Key Information

Start Date: Decembre 2013 to present
Developers of the area: local climbers and adventurers, including Steven Lozano, Sofía Lira, Tomás Espinosa among others.
Number of routes: 51 and 20 routes pending
Community tourism services: : Guided trails, native guides, ancestral ceremonies, food and accomodation
Location : Tangán is located on the western side of the western cordillera of the Andes in Ecuador, in the province of Cotopaxi, cantón Sigchos near the town of Cerro Azul. 2 to 3 hours by car travel.

Financial Support and Accountability

Infrastructure and equipment: $60.000 USD *
Enviromental and Social Development: $20.000 USD*
Community annual estimated income: $10.000 USD*
* Values have been estimated using: community prices, visitors frecuency and expenses of bolting, transportation, and maintenance of routes, bungalows and trails.

A hidden paradaise full of live and biodiversity.

Tangán was initially discovered by climbers in 2015, by a group of local climbers and adventurers, including Steven Lozano, Sofía Lira, Tomás Espinosa amongst others. At first, the development of the climbing project started without any participation of the land owner, since he didn’t live in the land and wasnt aware of the presence of climbers in his property. It was later, around the year 2016 that Ramiro Uribe and his wife Mariana Artos, came to the property after receiving news that a group of people where continuously entering their land. After a very interesting and fruitful conversation with Ramiro, he accepted that the group of climbers develops the climbing park in his land; but having the highest respect for the flora and fauna, as well as the spiritual energy of the place. With time and by developing the relationship with Ramiro and Mariana, as well as with his sons Fabian and Javier; by sharing perspectives they learned a lot on how to make a living out of the climbing site and with time develop a tourist attraction while protecting the land, as well as the climbers that learned about a more humble life as well as the utmost respect for spirituality and care for the land, wildlife, flora, and water.

Some of the people involved in the development of this climbing site are Steven Lozano, Sofía Lira, Keith Brett, Edgar Aulestia, Roberto Morales, members of Fundación Acceso Andino (FAA), and other local and international climbers. All the work done by the people stated above, could not have been possible without the marvelous cooking of Mariana and Ramiro, who fed everyone who came to their land.

The Tangán project is in the final development phase, most of the routes have been put up, as well as the trails that lead up to the wall and around the property. The last phase of the development of the project consists on turning it into a sustainable tourist attraction that coil hub many activities like: climbing, yoga and meditation, bird and orchid watching, trekking, or connecting with the spiritual side of oneself through traditional ceremonies. For the development of this project, a lot of funds, coming from many donators have been alocated, but its not only the funds or donations in equipment that have made this possible, but thi countless man hours invested in developing every single aspect of the site; from cleaning routes, to building trails, to constructing latrines and bungalows.