Torres de Simiatug

Torres de Simiatug

Key Information

Start Date: Decembre 2018 to present
Developers of the area: Members and climbers from Fundación Acceso Andino .
Number of routes: 51 single pitches more than 20 multipich climbs.
Community tourism services: : Guided trails, native guides, local food and porters
Location : This site is located in a rural indigenous community called Cocha Colorada, close to the small andean town of Simiatug in the province of Bolivar

Financial Support and Accountability

Infrastructure and equipment: $20.000 USD *
Enviromental and Social Development: $5.000 USD*
Community annual estimated income: $5.000 USD*
* Values have been estimated using: community prices, visitors frecuency and expenses of bolting, transportation, and maintenance of routes, bungalows and trails.

A perpetuall fight against poverty and lack of water.

Simiatug is located in a andean rural indigenous community called Cocha Colorada (Red Lagoon).  Their inhabitants unfortunately lack basic education, health services, and access to electricity and internet. Not far, a 15 minutes trip, is located the town of Simiatug (population 12000), a place that urgently requires an efficient mechanism to diversify the local economy and drive future generations away from poverty.

During the last 40 years the local communities have struggled with water scarcity because of grazing and cattle raising. However during the last decade many people like Manuel Talahua has foght bravely to declare Simiatug Towers and theirs moors a protected area.

Moors act like sponges. They cover every slope from The Andes Mountain Range. Keeping them healthy and biodiverse allow to mantain the balance and provide water to highland´s populations.

However, it directly impacts the traditional sources of income: high intensity agriculture or cattle raising. That is why conservation in this areas have a luck of dicothomy. They need to preserve moors ir order to guaranteed access to water but at the same time they have to burn them  in order to grow crops and grass for animals. The territory itself require a different model of land use.

This method is tourism: through adventure sports, recreation and outdoor activities. Fundacion Acceso Andino has been working together with local allies and Governments. Companies in the private sector and international supporters have supported the develpment of this  Adventure Park.

Our goal is to conserve and preserve the land with the highest sustainability standards possible in every intervention. Through this process our goal in the mid term is to  build a mountain shelter for visitors to stay. This shelter is an essential element to develop sustainable tourism in the harsh alpine environment in order to welcome local visitors, climbers and hikers into this unique and delicate ecosystem.  This endeavour will create many jobs for the local community and set goals for the young generations to come.

This project needs your help! It can change hundreds of lives in Cocha Colorada and thousands in Simiatug.

New Chimborazo - Torres de Simiatug Trail - 15km

The first weeks of October 2020, members of our organization open a new trail that leads visitors from Chimborazo National Park main Refuge to the base of the Climbing Walls. This trail offers great views from The Andes and offers two full day of activity for visitors and trekking lovers.